CapitaLand China Trust - Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Commitment In 2020, CapitaLand unveiled its 2030 Sustainability Master Plan (SMP) to elevate its commitment towards global sustainability in the built environment. The Master Plan focuses on three key pillars to drive CapitaLand’s sustainability efforts in the ESG pillars, enabling CapitaLand to create a larger positive impact for the environment and society: • Build portfolio resilience and resource efficiency, • Enable thriving and future-adaptive communities, as well as • Accelerate sustainability innovation and collaboration As a CLI-sponsored REIT, CLCT aligns its sustainability objectives and strategies with CapitaLand. It is committed to improving the economic and social well-being of its stakeholders through management of human capital, asset, portfolio operations and project development. CLCT will steer towards the pathways set by CapitaLand and keep adapting its strategies as technologies evolve and new scientific data become available. The Manager works closely with the Asset & Property Managers in carrying out these strategies and relevant activities across its portfolio where possible. CapitaLand has identified five pathways to achieve its sustainability objectives and will adapt its strategies as technologies evolve and new scientific data become available: Integrate sustainability in CapitaLand’s real estate life cycle From the earliest stage of its investment process to the design, procurement, construction, operations and redevelopment or divestment of assets, sustainability targets will be embedded in policies, processes, best practices, and key performance indicators of its business operations. Leverage sustainability trends and data analytics This allows CapitaLand to track critical performance and progress in water usage, wastemanagement, energy consumption, carbon emission, and health and safety. These measurements along with social indicators are key to driving performance improvement across its operating properties and development projects. Strengthen innovation and collaboration to drive sustainability CapitaLand will continue to source globally for new ideas and technologies to meet its sustainability ambitions and work with like-minded partners to create shared values and key performance indicators of its business operations. Monitor and report progress to ensure transparency As CapitaLand tracks its sustainability progress, it will continue to validate its performance by external assurance and align its Global Sustainability Report to international standards. Increase engagement and communication with key stakeholders It is key to build awareness among its employees, investors, customers and communities, and collectively effect transformational change to achieve CapitaLand’s 2030 targets. CapitaLand China Trust 08