CapitaLand China Trust - Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability During COVID-19 NAVIGATING COVID-19 WITH STAKEHOLDERS CLCT rolled out numerous measures to control the outbreak and ensure business continuity across all properties. Mask-wearing, green health QR code scanning for contact tracing and temperature screening were made compulsory for visitors and employees. CLCT’s properties undergo thorough cleaning, with additional frequency imposed on key areas such as elevators and toilets. Air conditioning and ventilation systems are disinfected and cleaned weekly. If tenants and/or visitors are found to test positive for COVID-19, the individuals will be isolated and the affected areas will be closed for disinfection. Apart from regular cleaning, CapitaMall Nuohemule utilised robots provided by the Hohhot Bureau of Commerce to disinfect and maintain clean air quality. CLCT has designated COVID-19 Emergency Testing Points and held vaccination drives for employees across its properties to support governmental measures. Other COVID-19 initiatives implemented in the year include: • COVID-19 emergency drills that ensure employees are able to limit the spread of COVID-19 and conduct regular inventory checks on personal protective equipment such as masks • Distribution of vaccination pamphlets and updating the community of tenants’ vaccination status • Distribution of masks and care packages to tenants and visitors • Daily disinfection of public areas at regular intervals, with increased frequency for high contact areas such as elevator buttons, door handles, elevator cars, toilets, and fire passages • Training on COVID-19 control and preventive measures for employees and suppliers Distribution of food to front-lineworkers by CapitaMall Yuhuating’s tenants Robots have been utilised for the disinfection and maintenance of clean air in CapitaMall Nuohemule CapitaLand China Trust 16